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  • Phinnegan Lynch
  • Hale Obernolte
  • Joe Sanchez
  • Cameron Shenoy
  • Carter Barsh
  • Hunter Butler

Cut or Tap Pokemon TCG coaching involves a one on one Skype call between the coach and the client, or in person. We answer many of the questions you may have bellow. Any other questions can be sent to

FAQs and other info on coaching

How do we coach online?

Coaching is done using physical cards on Skype or through PTCGO depending on the coach. We use Skype because it has been the most reliable way to play games and communicate with players. Coaching includes help with deck lists, in-game play, finding a deck, core concepts of the game, and anything else the players needs help with.

How much does it cost?

Our rates are available upon request. Send us an Email with one of the links on this page or fill out a coaching application to ask about each of our coach’s current rates.

Why should I coach with Phinnegan?

I have over three years of experience and have worked with more than 75 players. The approach I take with coaching teaches students to understand how to think in-game, rather than understanding how to correct simple mistakes. I teach a thought process which equips players with the skills to fully analyze the board, allowing them to be able to work through any turn. I also teach players how to understand why they won or lost a game. It’s impossible to improve unless you know what mistakes you have made or are currently making.

Improving on your own is a difficult and slow process. Coaching enables players to improve at a much faster rate, while instilling them with confidence and an understanding of how to think through each turn.

I send notes after each coaching sessions for players to read over, helping them to remember what we covered. The notes make sure you don’t lose any information and know what to focus improvement on. I teach players how to do anything Pokemon TCG related, from basic shuffling to predicting four turns ahead. I also share any of my deck lists with someone I am coaching. This includes updates on my exact deck lists and access to any of the deck lists I have.

People I coach are always free to message or Email me with any questions they have. I frequently send over updated deck lists to ensure they can play the best sixty cards for their next event. Finally, I can coach players of all ages. Nobody is too old (and few are too young) to learn to play Pokemon well.

Do I need to know anything about Pokemon?

No, you do not need any prior information on the game. We can teach someone who has never played a game. Do not be afraid to ask for help, no matter your level.

Is it really worth my time and money?

Yes. With coaching you will improve much faster than if you were testing with a friend. During a coaching session you can be sure of your results and will learn at a much more from your games. The prizes and money you earn from events can easily compensate for the money spent on coaching if you apply the skills you learn with diligence and focus; this is especially true for those in the Senior and Junior divisions.

Are there any other questions that we didn’t answer?

Please feel free to send them to us! Shoot us an email to