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    Gabe Smart

    Hello Cut Or Tap readers Gabriel Smart here. Quick Note about me, I am a Senior who lives in Northern Cali and is trying to push for worlds. So far I have won 2 League Challanges and have got 2nd at one which leaves me with 42 championship points thus far. Now back to the the main topic. Well For San Jose I had contemplated my deck choice for many months acutally, swinging from toad variants which I have always felt most conferable playing in expanded because it just was my confort deck. I am most confident in my abilitys to pilot a success Toad deck to top 16 at the very least, well you will see in this article if I did. My choices of decks would swing back and fourth from Toad Bats, Toad Man Bats, Toad Tina, and then the deck I tested for the longest was Toad Garboder. The problems with toad bats was that I just did not feel conferable at the time due to the meta at San Jose being very predictable, most people knew it was gonna be trev and decks that try to counter it and with the various other decks competing for a sneak in to top 32 like sable garb, dark tina, and greninja. Toad Tina I never felt fully capable to make a really good list for it and it has been known to be a deck that can play weird techs and just in general I don’t like it a whole lot. Toad Man Bats I tested the least just because I was never that fond of it, just did not suit me. After a month of testing I got the idea from a friend who goes to my local league, he mentioned the deck “Toad Garb” when he said those words my brain attached to it very quickly and I started building so many lists for the deck. Spending hours testing lists with my freinds on skype or getting advice from my freinds Connor Pederson Or Phinnegan Lynch on what to take in or take out. I felt like this deck was a great choice for San Jose because it boasted a good matchup against yveltal, and had decent matchups against rainbow road and a ok matchup against raikou eels. Although there were two decks that scared me a lot, those decks were the dreaded trev and groudon. Trev can be very hard if u don’t go first and they hit the trev because that means I can’t play items to set up a garb which would mean I would have 4 toads to fight trevs. It’s basically makes half of my deck dead cards and it’s like a pack a wolfs against a deer, which is never fun for the deer which in this case was toad. Really I would have had to go first in that matchup hit the float stone on trubbish and hope to hit garb as fast as I can after that and hope and pray that they don’t xerosic the float stone off. I just did not feel confident in that matchup even with teching in rough seas. The other matchup which is Groudon could be even worse. Essentially they set up a Primal Groudon and its Ancient Trait blocks trainers on it rendering lasers,hammers, and lysandre useless. In the end if they get primal Groudon on the bench u basically loose cause your hitting for very little unless you power up a grenade hammer and they play Pokemon Center Lady to heal with the combo of assault vest which makes it so if I have a dce on toad my attacks do fourty less damage. All they do is power a Groudon on the bench and sweep my board. I believe it is Wednesday night now and I start to get interested in a creation Phinnagan made which was toad fossils. After testing so long with toad garb I just did not feel conferable playing it so I thought to myself ” hey lets play toad fossils and not dead draw and make cut, simple.” Toad fossils has a tendency to brick very hard which I feel like my arrogance and cockiness made me want to play this deck because I have played very inconsistent lists and have not dead drawn with them in the past. What I liked about Toad Fossils is that it’s boasts a very nice 75/25 – 70/30 matchup against trev. In the trev matchup I can just push for the Archen either off hitting heads on twist mountain or using plume fossil if I am not item locked. The the fossils cards in the deck handle yveltal very well and the combination of enhanced hammer and using jet draft on the same turn can be deadly. This deck also beats toad varients aside from water box which did do well in seniors. If you set up a Fates Collide Aerodactyl you can jet draft toads dce’s away which is huge in that matchup. So I tested Wendsady, Thursday and a little on Friday night. And as I had heard about the deck is that it either runs hot or not. But I still felt confident in my play and played the exact sixty cards Phinn used I believe for his article.
    DAY 1
    Entering into day one I was feeling confident, “just go 5-1-1 make day two, just play against yveltal or trev and win” my mentality was not the greatest to say the least.
    Round 1 Toad Fossils Vs Raikou Eels Tie 0-0-1
    Round one was frustrating to say the least. He starts tynamo and I start toad, I draw play dce fury belt and I pass, he draws and has nothing and all he does is attach and thundershock. All he has to do is flip tails and I am not paralyzed and I proceed to knocking him out, he flips heads. I still feel l can still get out of this sitatuon, my solution twist mountain, flip heads drop a fossil with free retreat then escape rope into it then retreat into toad and ko. I believe I sycamore and hit everything I drop twist mountain and……….flip tails which means I cant win on that turn. He essentially then gets raikous and eels out and I believe I scoop. Game two was a train wreck I hit fossils quickly and procede to taking game two which forces a game three. Game three I know we’re going most likely tie which looking at my board state game three I was happy due to I would most likely had lost if the game played out. So I sit at 0-0-1 and a little salty cause I felt I should have won that set.

    Round 2 Toad Fossils Vs Mega Sceptile Win 1-0-1
    Once I see I am facing this matchup I feel terrible, game one was awful that’s all I need to say about that. Game two I start Mewtwo for the second straight game and he starts hoopa, he dead draws thankfully and he scoops before I X ball him which would have left him with 10 Hp since I had two Dce on it. Moving on to game three I start Mewtwo and I hit everything like archeops to shut off his mega scptiles from being played. He accidentally rearranges his cards while trying to count to see how many cards are left in his deck which gives me a prize because of the prize penalty which puts me farther ahead and I win that set somehow. (Starting Mewtwo 3 Straight games against Mega Sceptile is great!)

    Round 3 Toad Fossils Vs Plume box L 1-1-1
    Round three I face plume box, game one I hit aerodactyl and get the dce on it which is huge in this matchup because all he runs is special energy so I can run through his special energys with jet draft which is great for me. I proceed to hit for 120 discarding his dce. He plays N then puts himself to 5 cards and he hits the dce which enables him to one shot aerodactyl leaving me with no good non basic Pokemon to attack due to Flash Ray shutting off basics attacks. So he sweeps my board and we go to game two. Game two I can’t get anything going and I get destroyed due to not being able to hit with basics and being item locked by vileplume. (Quick Note: He gets turn one plume both times) With this loss I am now forced to win my next 4 rounds to make cut
    Round 4 Toad Fossils Vs Greninja W 2-1-1
    All I need to say is that I donk him game one and beat him in about 3 turns game two due to him dead drawing both games.

    Round 5 Toad Foissils Vs Raibow Road L 2-2-1
    Ok so this round I am at the top big and long table feeling very confident as my deck has been consistent thus far but this is when things start to crash and burn. Dead draw game one he takes it. Game two I dead draw to begin but start to get fossils down and setting up toads which start to put pressure on the Xerneases. He opted to attack with Ho-Oh more than once and I take a K.O on one of them because of toad hitting weakness on it. I feel very confident in snatching this one and forcing but I start to get frustrated when I feel that he is slow playing and to pressure him several times to hurry but budges little. I feel like this could have effected my play in a negative away because it made me more focused on him playing slower than me playing the game. It’s neck and neck 2-2 is the prize count we are both trying to find the essential cards to secure a victory and trying to vanquish the other and eliminating them from making cut. He eventually hits a dce which I though he had all 4 in the discard and I am stunned when he plays it and retreats his active and lysandre a my shaymin I believe and knockes it out. This player acutally won the whole thing in Seniors so congrats to him.

    Round 6 Toad Fossils Vs Primal Groudon L 2-3-1
    The deck I dread to play I now how to play to at least keep my record respectable. Game one I start fast he tries to get beaches out but I quickly deny that with twist mountains and rough seas ans I set up a hard toad lock which forces him to draw pass or draw attach on bench groudon and pass. The one play that swings that game is he plays lysandre which brings up archeops and passes. (Quick Note: He hits Priamal Before I get archeops out) This leads me to miss a dce or escape rope to retreat which gives him items and he proceeds to assault vest and since I only play dce so I can’t win it essentially. If you can’t do a lot of damage off an attack and get one shotted consistently chances are you will loose almost every time . Game two is awful he just powers up Groudon and sweeps me.

    Round 7 Toad Fossils Vs Sable Garb L 2-4-1
    Ok this matchup I did not know how to play properly which leaded to me loosing 0-2. Game one I start toad but him consistently getting supporter disruption and me missing dce off sycamore or n makes me loose the match, also not knowing the matchup that great effected my play style and how I played the deck. Game two he sets up slower than usually but timely plays by him lead him to deck me out with bunnelby.
    Overall I feel like I took a huge risk playing that deck. I do admit I messed up switching to a deck that I was not experienced with and also I did not play a single trev or yveltal which hurt also. I essentially banked on hitting those two matchups and I never hit one even though they were popular in the Seniors division. A action that I witnessed that was fun to watch was my opponents reading the fossils and twist mountain to see what they did since aside from archeops the rest are not very well known. I feel like if the deck can perform better by being consistent or if I had better luck I could have won two of my matchups that I lost and tied, which were Raibow Road And Raikou Eels. The next day I went into a league challage thinking it was standard and brought Yveltal Garb. But it was expanded so I put in a computer search and a expanded trubbish and proceeded to go 4-0 and swoop my second league challage for this season by winning against two greninja, mega scptile, and volcanion. If you enjoyed my long post thank you and I hope to write more in the future whether it be about tournament reports, decks or anything else Pokemon related. Thank you and stay tuned for more.

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