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    Hello people of the internet, my name is Luna Loutre, preferably referred to as Luna. Over this past weekend I competed in a league challenge in Modesto California, and would like to give a quick recap of the tournament. Me and Phinnegan Lynch, the constructor and owner of this incredible website, met early that morning, grabbing coffees before heading to LC together. We arrived an hour and a half later at Battleground Games. Me and Phinn were both playing Toad Bats, almost the exact 60 cards, with the exception I had replaced one of my AZs with Jirachi to give me at least a shot against vespiquen variants. The list can be found at to premeim members.
    I was pretty confident with my standard meta matchups, due to the phenomenal coaching I had gotten from Phinn (Coaching is well worth your time and money) with the exception of the vespivarients, waterbox and some of the less used, yet powerful decks. Toad Bats, if played well can be an absolute beast of a deck, able to really surprise opponents due to its lack of popularity, and can stand toad to toe with a lot of the formats best decks. Plus it destroys nightmarch. That’s always a plus.
    After about half an hour of coaching, some practice games and a little bit of recon around the store, it was time to get the tournament started. We were playing best of one, thirty minutes plus three turns, five rounds.
    Round 1: Vs. Thomas L (Random Dark EXs)
    This matchup was a bit of a cakewalk. Sitting down at the table, Thomas told me he was a player just getting back into the game. Despite being able to take a two prize lead by taking an early knockout on a toad with his yveltal EX, i was able to respond with a Grenade Hammer and a bat to one shot his yveltal. The rest of the game went downhill from there for him. Using the same strategy i was able to just mow throw his entire field, taking my final prize on a damaged Umbreon Ex.
    Round 2: Vs. Ryan C (Medicham Carbink)
    I was really quite nervous coming into this round, knowing Ryan had taken second at last years national championship in junior division. The opening of the game, I played abysmally, my hands shaking, I made some of the worst misplays I had in my experience with toad bats. I was able to stall him out though, until I got a chance to lysandre into his medicham, stalling him out and getting up the item lock. Though able to get serious damage off onto my toad, I was able to recover it with Pokemon Center Lady and counter his fighting stadium with rough seas. Eventually I was able to win the stalemate, taking a few prizes until I got down to the state I had to take out a single carbink to win, which he had been built up four strong energies on. This was when Jirachi saved me, able to stall him out while i was able to get up a seismitoad and bat damage the carbink. His last carbink break was prized, and he had not accounted for that in his plays. I had a full toad powered up, retreated, threw down silent lab and took out the carbink.
    Round 3: Vs. Derek H (Sceptile)
    Not really much to this game. He got down an sceptile with a fighting fury belt and an ariados and just swept my entire field. Not really much I could have done.
    Round 4: Vs. Haley D (Nightmarch Vespiquen)
    This round was most certainly interesting. I went first and got off the turn one silent lab, but to my surprise she didn’t run a single shaymin. Despite this she was able to mill through almost her entire deck turn one, hitting all four of her battle compressors, and almost able to one shot my belted toad. I was able to get a few prizes early game off her night marchers, but she was easily able to get her vespiquens up and was one shotting my toads easily by turn three or four. She went down to two prizes, and that’s when i knew that this matchup was going to be down to the wire. She was running a 4-4 vespi line, something that really threw a wrench in my deck. But, I had decided to tech in that jirachi that morning. I was able to get rid of her dces on her vespis, leaving her with only one in deck. She was able to get a knock out on a bat, going down to a single prize. But I knew this only gave me a better shot at winning. I Ned her to one. This play won me the game. I was able to keep her to a zero to one or two card hand, and she wasn’t able to draw into her last dce. She didn’t run any puzzles, to my surprise, but little did it matter, because of how much control I had over her hand. I won zero prizes to one.
    Round 5: Vs. Brett J? (Raticate Ariados)
    This wasn’t much of a game either, just in a diffrent sence. He started a single rattata, and wasn’t able to drew into any other basics on his turn. I quaking punched for the turn two win.

    So I had managed to go 4-1. I quite respectable record. But I knew it might not be enough, there were multiple 3-1 players, and two 3-0-1 players that round, as well as the Derek who went undefeated, so I waited with baited breath for the final round to finish. I knew that Derek was playing a 3-0-1 player, and if that trevant player won, I would not have a chance at making top four and earning my first championship points for the season. If he didn’t, I did…
    But Derek won, and thus the results were released. I had managed to just squeak in there at fourth place. Phinn had taken sixth, losing to water box and sceptile and my other friend Connor, who was playing the exact 60 cards as Phinn and me (except in my case it was 59), took first in seniors. The final standing for masters are as follows.

    1st Derek H. 5-0
    with Sceptile
    2nd Wyatt R.
    with Water Box
    3rd Christian V
    with Sceptile
    4th Luna R.
    With Toad Bats

    As seen sceptile managed to dominate the tournament, seeming to be the deck of choice of most players. Nightmarch saw very little play, along with other meta decks such as trevenant. Overall I was satisfied with my performance, it was the first championship points I had earned in six to seven years. After a meeting some new people, me and Phinn made a quick stop at Taco Bell and headed home to prepare for Concord the next weekend.
    I hope to write more in the future, as I catalog hopefully the path towards my invite. Thank you for reading and have a good day…

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